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As retailers and experienced payments experts we experienced first hand the challenges of integrating multiple Buy Now Pay Later solutions.  So we engaged the best eCommerce and Payments engineers to build one platform to integrate Buy Now Pay Later providers once, increase conversions and provide the smarts to lend responsibly.  Our mission is simple.  Save time and money, and increase conversions. Put simply, we enable you to manage Buy Now Pay Later in your business like never before.

Our Story

At Optty, our vision is to revolutionize the global payments landscape by empowering white-label partners and merchants worldwide with our seamless, innovative, and secure payment solutions. We believe in the limitless possibilities of human ingenuity, and we strive to create a world where financial transactions are no longer a barrier but a catalyst for progress.  Above all,  we believe in choice. Our guiding principles resonate with the spirit of relentless determination, innovation, and teamwork. We are committed to:

1. Inspiring Action: We believe in the power of action to break boundaries, overcome obstacles, and foster growth. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us to challenge the status quo and reimagine the future of payments.

2. Embracing Innovation: We champion the continuous evolution of payment technology, harnessing the potential of cutting-edge solutions to create transformative experiences for our customers and partners.

3. Fostering Inclusivity: We celebrate the diversity of our global community, promoting a culture of collaboration, respect, and shared success. We believe in empowering every individual, merchant, and partner to reach their fullest potential. We are built on a principle of offering maximum choice to enable unprecedented revenue growth.

4. Pursuing Sustainability: We are dedicated to creating a lasting, positive impact on the world. Our focus on sustainability extends beyond our products and services, as we strive to reduce our environmental footprint and contribute to social progress. We believe in affordability for sustainability and by offering consumers more time and ways to pay,  we know the value chain of supply will benefit in unimaginable ways.

5. Cultivating a Culture of Excellence: We recognize that our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to nurturing an environment that fosters creativity, growth, and continuous learning. We celebrate achievements, embrace challenges, and strive for greatness together. 
Through our unwavering commitment to these values, Optty aspires to lead the payments industry with unparalleled technological advancements, bridging the gap between individuals, businesses, and financial institutions worldwide. Together, we will forge a future where everyone has the power to unleash their potential through seamless, accessible, and empowering payment solutions.

Our Leadership Team

Natasha Zurnamer

CEO - Sydney

A global eCommerce go-to-expert, Natasha has experience with major global retailers, marketplaces and technology companies. She is also a crazy online shopper so who better to lead the optty team?


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Today’s shoppers want to have options when it comes to how and when to pay.  Optty has made it possible for us to very easily, quickly, and simply turn on more BNPLs, and as a result, exponentially expand our customer base. This new technology platform has proven to be an immediate revenue accelerator and direct line to creating a better experience for our customers.
Rhian Greenway
Chief Information Officer, City Beach
Before Optty, integrating new BNPL applications was a difficult and lengthy process. Now we have a platform that allows us to almost instantly add BNPL providers to our system, which means we can give our customers more choice and flexibility. And the platform allows us to make informed decisions and provide a better experience for our customers. A five day integration effort per BNPL has become 5 minutes.
Brendan Sweeney
Group General Manager e-Commerce and Loyalty
Optty plays an important role in the BNPL landscape. The platform will accelerate flexible payments availability around the world. With more than 16 million active customers globally, Afterpay is excited to work with Optty and we look forward to connecting even more merchants to our engaged young shoppers worldwide.
Katrina Konstas
Afterpay Country Manager APAC
Buy Now, Pay Later is a revolution in retail. And Optty is a revolution in BNPL. Our technology is the single source that empowers retailers with intelligence, speed, flexibility, and responsibility in the world of BNPL. We are the honest broker that elevates results for retailers, and choice and experience for consumers. Think of Optty as the superhighway to retail revenue.
Natasha Zurnamer
Founder & CEO, Optty

Easily Set Up Payment Gateways & Payment Methods with Optty

At Optty, we like to keep it simple. That’s why our platform integrates with over 80 of the world’s most popular Alternative Payment Methods and Buy Now Pay Later technologies.

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