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We partner with Alternative Payment Methods, Buy Now Pay Laters, payment gateways, ecommerce platforms and ecommerce technology support partners as well as directly with retailers. Our mission is simple. Trade faster via our ecommerce cartridges or developer-friendly API and connect with payments technologies globally.

Optty Developer API Docs
How We Partner

Optty is globally available with partner options designed to suit direct integration or white-label enablement for payment gateways and more.

Gateway / Acquirer / Orchestration / Aggregator / Partnership
Optty Partner is our formidable behind-the-scenes arsenal for gateways, PSPs, and acquirers, enabling you to incorporate Optty into your existing offerings and significantly expand your payment solutions. Our fully white-labeled solution, offers a lucrative revenue opportunity and features single sign-on technology, extensive customization, and a brand kit, along with a three-level hierarchy to integrate Optty for existing partners seamlessly.
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Reseller Referral Partner Program or Merchant Direct
Optty Power is our global initiative designed to support businesses worldwide through our complimentary Optty integration, granting merchants the ability to offer diverse payment options and activate any provider in minutes. With access to every online payment method and complimentary services, merchants can explore and integrate our comprehensive spectrum of payment solutions through a singular interface.
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