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The World’s first true Universal Payments Platform

One integration & orchestration platform to the world of global payments & complimentary services

At Optty, we unlock endless payment possibilities through our single, simplified integration, granting access to hundreds of global brands across 9 payment architectures, with the capability to activate any payment method in minutes. Our scalable solutions fosters growth, simplifying transactions for all, from merchants to orchestrators, branded or full white-label let Optty elevate your payment experience.

Payment Methods

Optty is the world's transformative gateway, spanning nine dynamic payment architectures, all seamlessly accessible through a singular API integration. We simplify transactions, promote financial inclusivity, and set the stage for unmatched user experiences in the evolving world of digital payments.


Buy Now Pay Later

Optty simplifies BNPL integration with a single global brand offering, helping businesses boost sales by reducing upfront costs, improving conversion rates, and attracting worldwide shoppers seeking payment flexibility. Say goodbye to individual BNPL integrations!

Digital Wallets

Optty enables quick and secure Digital Wallet transactions with easy integration, reducing cart abandonment, and enhancing security. Embrace mobile commerce and expand globally with multiple payment methods and currencies, all through a single Optty integration.


Seamlessly integrate card payments with Optty, linking to your preferred bank. Expand your global reach with widely accepted options while Optty enhances security with complimentary fraud services. Streamline checkout, increase conversion rates, and explore our customizable Hosted Payment Page for a professional touch.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a versatile and popular payment method, fostering customer loyalty and retention. Optty's single integration makes accepting them easy and quick, enhancing the shopping experience and building brand loyalty.


Embrace inclusive payments with Optty. Access major crypto gateways for secure, simple cryptocurrency payments at checkout. Our streamlined solutions free you from complex integrations, letting you focus on your business and attract crypto-savvy customers to stay ahead in digital payments.


Revolutionize your checkout with Optty's seamless integration of loyalty point providers, from store to credit card points. In just minutes, create a versatile payment landscape, giving customers the flexibility to use accrued points across platforms. Simplify loyalty points with Optty.

Bank Transfers

Empower customers to pay directly from their bank accounts with Optty's streamlined integration. Say goodbye to traditional challenges and experience the future of payments, making it easy for businesses and customers alike.

Pay with Payouts

Optty leads in transforming payouts, streamlining transactions among various parties. Elevate payment options, streamline payouts, and increase revenue with Optty's white-label solutions. Simplify and expand your payment opportunities with us.


Experience seamless Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments with Optty's simplified integration. Easily transfer funds, diversify payment options, and enhance the payment experience. Embrace P2P payments with Optty today.

Additional Services

Fraud Protection, Donate, 3DS2, Carbon Calculator, Transaction Review & Optimisation, Network Tokenization, Optty Hosted Payments Page.

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Optty Universal Payments Platform

Venture into a world of endless payment possibilities and complimentary services, unified through a single, seamless integration. That’s the Optty promise. We like keeping the main thing, the main thing.

Integration & Orchestration

Risk Mitigation
By not handling funds directly, Optty mitigates risk and ensures a secure and trustworthy platform for all users as well as direct settlement from the biggest payment providers in the world.

True Payments as a Service (PaaS)

Innovative Integration
Optty offers an innovative platform-as-a-service model, making it easier for businesses to adopt and scale payment solutions tailored to their needs.

Connectivity across eCommerce, IVR, and instore, Complimentary Services in 3DS, Fraud, Payouts and Donate/Carbon offset

Real-time Updates

Integrate once and with zero future effort Optty keeps on adding more payment brands and complimentary services, keeping you in the future with payment integration in minutes.

White Label Capability

Optty simplifies rebranding and expands services while preserving brand integrity for acquirers, PSPs, gateways, and orchestrators.

Omnichannel Experience

Optty ensures a seamless payment experience across channels - online, IVR, and in-store. Integrated with global giants, supported by the Optty business user interface, it's all you need.

How We Partner

Optty is globally available with partner options designed to suit direct integration or white-label enablement for payment gateways and more.

Gateway / Acquirer / Orchestration / Aggregator / Partnership
Optty Partner is our formidable behind-the-scenes arsenal for gateways, PSPs, and acquirers, enabling you to incorporate Optty into your existing offerings and significantly expand your payment solutions. Our fully white-labeled solution, offers a lucrative revenue opportunity and features single sign-on technology, extensive customization, and a brand kit, along with a three-level hierarchy to integrate Optty for existing partners seamlessly.
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Reseller Referral Partner Program or Merchant Direct
Optty Power is our global initiative designed to support businesses worldwide through our complimentary Optty integration, granting merchants the ability to offer diverse payment options and activate any provider in minutes. With access to every online payment method and complimentary services, merchants can explore and integrate our comprehensive spectrum of payment solutions through a singular interface.
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Global Ecosystem

5 Level Hierarchical Network - Connecting payments to merchants

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Our Commitments:
Unveiling the Core of Our 3 Brand Promises

Enable endless ways to pay in a single simple integration


One TRUE simplified API Integration that is not in the funds flow


Full Coverage of Global Payment Providers - 9 Architectures + Complimentary Services


Scheme, Acquirer, Payment type and Channel Agnostic

Learn more about our Global Payment Partners

Explore resources and support to better understand our Global Payment Partners, including dedicated channels for a seamless experience in international payments.

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Today’s shoppers want to have options when it comes to how and when to pay.  Optty has made it possible for us to very easily, quickly, and simply turn on more BNPLs, and as a result, exponentially expand our customer base. This new technology platform has proven to be an immediate revenue accelerator and direct line to creating a better experience for our customers.
Rhian Greenway
Chief Information Officer, City Beach
Before Optty, integrating new BNPL applications was a difficult and lengthy process. Now we have a platform that allows us to almost instantly add BNPL providers to our system, which means we can give our customers more choice and flexibility. And the platform allows us to make informed decisions and provide a better experience for our customers. A five day integration effort per BNPL has become 5 minutes.
Brendan Sweeney
Group General Manager e-Commerce and Loyalty
Optty plays an important role in the BNPL landscape. The platform will accelerate flexible payments availability around the world. With more than 16 million active customers globally, Afterpay is excited to work with Optty and we look forward to connecting even more merchants to our engaged young shoppers worldwide.
Katrina Konstas
Afterpay Country Manager APAC
Buy Now, Pay Later is a revolution in retail. And Optty is a revolution in BNPL. Our technology is the single source that empowers retailers with intelligence, speed, flexibility, and responsibility in the world of BNPL. We are the honest broker that elevates results for retailers, and choice and experience for consumers. Think of Optty as the superhighway to retail revenue.
Natasha Zurnamer
Founder & CEO, Optty
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Gateway / Acquirer / Orchestration / Aggregator / Partnership


Reseller Referral Partner Program or Merchant Direct