Dive Into the New Age of Alternative Payments Integration Simplicity

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Cloud Platform

Optty is a cloud based platform connecting you via an API Integration to our Alternative Payments and Buy Now Pay Later providers. Whilst we tokenise transactions,  all transactions are performed with the corresponding providers payment gateways.

Magento, WooCommerce, Salesforce integrations into Optty screenshots
Optty and Magento integration dashboard screenshot


Direct eCommerce

Once you have integrated with Optty, we connect you to the payment method with 2 lines of code. The API Key and Secret. Our sophisticated technology will have you trading in minutes with full functionality including partial and full returns. It is so simple and you have full control from the Optty retail control center.


Customise UX Design

Setting up your Optty Buy Now Pay Later UX from the retail control center is easy. We have design widgets to improve your UX, conversions and lend responsibly to your customers. Customise your own UX upload your logo and populate free text boxes using our best in class UX SMARTS. In addition to this we offer an open API endpoint giving you full flexibility to upload your own Alternative Payment Methods PDP's and calls to action.

Optty retail control center and integration screenshot
Optty Retail Control Center BNPL dashboard screenshot


Reporting & Analysis

At Optty we believe in reporting and analysis. Our Retail Control Center puts you in the box seat to view all API calls to the BNPL's, analyse the performance and conversions of transactions, monitor AOV's by BNPL, compare fees, cost per transaction and more.  One view, all Buy Now Pay Later providers and in real time. Accountability like never before.

Why Merchants Choose Us

Once you have integrated with Optty, we connect you to the Buy Now Pay Later with 2 lines of code. The API Key and Secret.

One simple, free integration

Integrate once via a platform extension, plug in, cartridge, headless direct or via reseller partner, and get instant access to your chosen Alternative Payment Methods and Buy Now Pay Laters globally

Speed to market

Connect your customers with their choice of Alternative Payment Method in minutes. Optty enables payments integration and orchestration in just a few clicks

Reporting, insights & control

Conversions, cost per order, time to checkout and AOV comparisons are just a few of the performance reporting tools available

No maintenance

Never worry about maintaining your Alternative Payment Method and Buy Now Pay Later integrations again. Optty makes updates available without you having to do a thing

Lend responsibly

Intuitive Content Management System allows you to configure your entire customer journey from footers to product pages to checkout. Arm your customers with the knowledge they need and lend more responsibly in just a few clicks

Increased revenue and lower costs

Orchestrate your payments, prioritise the payment methods with the strongest conversion, and compare your providers to negotiate better rates

Global coverage

The world’s first Buy Now Pay Later and Alternative Payment Method integration solution with coverage in over 65 countries and 6 continents

Cloud Technology for limitless processing power

Exceptional cloud architecture with limitless processing: fast, reliable and continuously scalable

Learn more about our Global Payment Partners

Explore resources and support to better understand our Global Payment Partners, including dedicated channels for a seamless experience in international payments.

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