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Transform Your Bank's Merchant Ecosystem

Unlock the power to offer your merchants a complete, out-of-the-box global payment integration experience. Elevate your services with our intuitive business interface and drive global payment success effortlessly.


Optty is transforming banks into modern fintechs

Discover how Optty's cutting-edge technology solves key challenges for banks, enabling them to thrive in the digital age.

Payment Services
Optty empowers banks to deliver a comprehensive suite of payment services, including credit cards, BNPL options, Account to Account, Crypto, digital wallets and more. This ensures merchants can meet the diverse payment preferences of their global customers effortlessly.
White Label Solution
Our White Label Solution provides banks with a fully customizable, out-of-the-box payment integration platform tailored to your brand. This enables banks to offer their merchants a seamless and branded payment experience without the need for extensive development.
Low Overhead
With our streamlined integration process and intuitive user interface, banks can significantly reduce the time and resources required for deployment. This low-overhead solution allows banks to focus on enhancing their core services while providing top-tier payment solutions to their merchants.
Revenue Opportunity
Optty's comprehensive payment integration platform opens new revenue streams for banks by attracting and retaining more merchants and offering services beyond your core offering. By providing advanced payment services and a seamless user experience, banks can drive higher transaction volumes and increased merchant loyalty.
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Revenue Opportunity

Drive innovation at a rapid pace while minimizing risk

Optty tackles the hurdles encountered by the banking sector, empowering banks to innovate swiftly and securely. By leveraging Optty's solutions, banks can slash operational costs in payment services, amplify the market share of merchants, unlock fresh revenue streams for your Bank, and allure new merchants.

Lower Operational Costs
Decrease operational expenses associated with payment services, leading to enhanced cost-efficiency and improved financial performance.
Increase Market Share of Merchants
Optty helps banks increase their market share of merchants by offering advanced payment integration services that go beyond traditional banking, attracting businesses of all sizes and industries.
Enable New Revenue Streams For Your Bank
By partnering with Optty, banks can enable new revenue streams through innovative payment solutions, enhancing their treasury services and increasing profitability.
Attract New Merchant Accounts
Optty’s world-class payment integration technology attracts new merchant accounts by providing a seamless, comprehensive payment solution that meets the needs of all industry sectors including from Multinationals, Enterprise, SMB’s, Airlines & Travel, FMCG supporting eCommerce, Instore, and secure IVR (phone sales).
Provide World Leading Payment Technology Services
Banks can leverage Optty’s world-leading payments integration technology to offer superior payment services, setting themselves apart from competitors. With no maintenance and continuous new payment methods available monthly, banks have an opportunity to appeal to a broader merchant base.
Increase Payment Option Available
With Optty, banks can significantly increase the payment options available to their merchants, supporting a diverse range of payment methods across multiple industries and geographies.
Pass Through Cost To Merchants
Optty’s success-based cost model allows banks to pass through costs to merchants, enabling a sustainable revenue opportunity while providing valuable payment integration services.

Our Solutions

Helping modernise traditional banks into endless fintech payment solutions

Optty's technology empowers banks to become modern fintechs, eliminating funds flow risk and enabling endless ways to pay.

  • Full visibility of partner/bank and merchant level
  • Full control of payment offering
  • No code / no downtime deployment
Partner / Bank
  • Full visibility of merchant level
  • Full control of payment offering
  • No code / no downtime deployment
  • Reporting & applications interface
  • Full control of payment offering
  • No code / no downtime deployment
  • Available across e-commerce, white label pay by link

Complete white-label solution

Optty offers financial tech features through a white labelled interface

Explore how Optty's white-labeled solution offers seamless and versatile payment options for banks, overcoming significant challenges in the digital age, while our inbuilt branding feature allows you to tailor your bank's logo and color scheme in minutes.

Complete White-Label Solution
Optty offers a completely white-labeled solution customized with your logo and brand colors seamlessly integrated. It covers integration, management, orchestration, and reporting functionalities.
4 Level Hierarchy
At Optty, we have three hierarchical levels: Bank, Merchant, Location, with optional Channel visibility, all accessible at every level. It's Single Sign-On (SSO) ready for streamlined access.
Payment Integrations
Optty provides access to 700+ products categorized by brand, type, currency, and country, including Click to Pay and future credit card lending installments. It integrates with 12 PSPs like Worldpay, Adyen, Stripe, and Cybersource.
Integrations & Ancillary Services
We're adding 10 new brands monthly and expanding into verticals like Open Banking, Fraud prevention, Donation processing, Round-up, Carbon Off-set, 3DS2 compliance, Optimization, and more.
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Easily integrate with your brand for seamless white-labeling

Optty's white label fintech solution seamlessly integrates into banks' systems, offering effortless incorporation of cutting-edge features tailored to your brand's needs.

Integration Checklist

Streamlined Integration:
Optty's Checklist

The Connection
Optty is a multi cloud multi region technology with 99.9999% uptime and certified by some of the biggest scheme’s in the world.
The Custom URL
Using Optty's custom URL feature, banks can incorporate the Optty interface with their ecosystem effortlessly, creating a cohesive user experience.
The Branding
With Optty's inbuilt brand kit, you can quickly apply your bank's logo and scheme colours, achieving a branded, holistic payment ecosystem in minutes.
The Payment Partners
Optty continually adds more integrated providers with no code uplift, offering a full management interface to select from providers in over 140 countries and curate the best solutions for your merchants.
The Maintenance
Optty ensures no maintenance and continuous, no-downtime deployments, allowing banks to provide uninterrupted, up-to-date payment services effortlessly.
The Offer
Optty offers a success-based model and seamless integration of additional services, enhancing the bank's product ecosystem with minimal overhead.
The Deploymets
Optty delivers updates and new payment connections seamlessly, enabling banks to expand their payment options without any service disruption.
Optty provides banks the opportunity to be the merchant of record for payment methods (via direct contracting efforts performed by the bank), or simply offer integration solutions where merchants contract directly with each payment partner. Application links are within the technology for seamless application to integration.


Contrasting the traditional method with the easier Optty approach

Optty's modern fintech solution transforms traditional payment orchestration for banks.

The Outdated Way
  • Legacy integrations lacking regular upgrades, maintenance, or bug fixes
  • Subpar checkout options leading to decreased conversion rates, without self-fix capability
  • Separate integrations required for each payment method, often requiring endpoint configuration
  • Orchestrator controls fund flow and payment method pricing, resulting in higher costs and no rate negotiation ability, with obscured fee breakdown
  • Limited control or customization for outdated payment methods
  • Minimal customer support from payment providers due to intermediary status, hindering direct merchant/partner assistance
A New Era Has Arrived
  • Streamlined automated testing, regular checks, and fixes
  • Diverse checkout options for increased conversion with 700+ integrations
  • Instant deployment with ONE TRUE INTEGRATION. Go live in one minute
  • Transparent pricing with direct settlement. Full visibility and per-API-call pricing
  • Flexible business user orchestration, easily updated at any time
  • Direct payment method support with direct commercial partnership
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How it works for
Bank Partners

Optty's technology transforms traditional banks into modern fintechs, revolutionizing the way they operate and serve their customers. With our innovative solutions, banks can streamline their processes, enhance their digital capabilities, and stay competitive in today's fast-paced financial landscape.

Payments as a Service (PaaS)
Partnering with Optty as a PaaS provider provides your bank the benefits of not being in the funds flow or performing settlement. Reconciliation and settlement reporting can be seamlessly integrated for a unified payments management experience.
No Code or Cost Updates
Optty’s no code or cost update model means your bank can offer cutting-edge payment solutions without additional development expenses, ensuring uninterrupted service.
Saving Merchants Money
By leveraging Optty's efficient payment solutions, your bank can help merchants save money on the high cost and risk of one by one payments integration, maintenance and management and also on transaction fees and operational costs, driving increased satisfaction and loyalty.
Cost per API Success Call
Optty operates on a success-based cost model, allowing your bank to generate revenue through a pass-through cost structure tied to successful API calls.
Global in 140 Countries
Optty’s payment integration platform spans 140 countries, providing your bank with a truly global reach to support your merchants wherever they operate.

Positioning Your Bank

How banks position Optty to merchants

Expand your Tech Services
Extending the technology services to the existing & future network of acquirers & merchants (with a commitment to payments inclusion)
Perform All Billing
Perform all billing and remain as per the current contracting construct globally (in all cases)
Modern Tech Service
Offering a "technology service" via Optty; an embedded Fintech Partner
Not in the Funds Flow
Not in the funds flow for any Optty API calls (not a "processor"). Simply integration
Direct Merchant Contract
Does not perform settlement & not the MOR*, all merchants contract directly with their provider of choice (*unless Gateway decides to be MOR)

Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge features into your bank's systems

Full white glove service available via Optty Solution Partners if required.

Proudly Partnered with the Mastercard Gateway offering embedded payments services globally