Frequently Asked Questions

What is Optty?

Optty is the world's first platform to integrate the most popular BNPL technologies in a single place, giving merchants the ability to offer more choice to consumers. Optty brings together the world’s BNPL providers in one simple and rapid integration.

How do I sign up to Optty?

It takes less than a minute to sign-up to Optty. Simply go to HERE and complete the simple form, and we will send you your logon credentials straight away, account signup is free.

Why use Optty when I can integrate directly with a BNPL?

Optty simplifies the integration process, allowing you to add a new BNPL onto your website in under 2 minutes.
We also give you full control of how the BNPL is displayed on your site, without the need for any technical knowledge.
Optty allows you to test each BNPL as they are already pre-integrated on the Optty platform.

How long does it take to integrate with Optty?

Integration with Optty is quick and easy. On most non-customised platforms, integration can be completed in less than an hour

How long does it take to enable a BNPL with Optty?

It take less than 5 minutes to connect to your BNPL and customise the product and checkout page on your website.

How much does Optty cost?

Optty is charged on a flat, minimal fee per successful transaction, on a monthly basis. The more successful transactions that are processed, the lower the transaction fee.
All of our plans can be found at HERE.

Who looks after any updates to the BNPLs once I am integrated with Optty?

Whenever a new BNPL joins the Optty platform, they will automatically appear in the Optty Retail Control Centre and will be available for you to connect with.
Optty looks after all updates, so you don’t have to.

What happens with settlement of the funds?

All funds are settled directly with the merchant by the BNPL.

Does Optty get our settlement funds and then send them to us?

No, the settlement is direct from the BNPL to the merchant, and we will never see those settlement figures.

What countries are you available in?

Optty is currently in 60 countries (and growing). You can see the full list by clicking HERE

What currencies are you available in?

Optty is currently in 40 currencies (and growing). You can see the full list by clicking HERE

Which BNPLs is Optty Integrated with?

Optty is currently integrated with 80+ BNPL and Alternative Payment Methods. You can see the full list by clicking HERE

I didn’t get the funds from the BNPL, who should I contact?

You will need to speak to the BNPL directly. The commercial relationship is between you and the BNPL; Optty does not manage or see any of the merchant funds.

Does Optty process refunds?

Yes. When you select a full or partial refund on an order that was taken via Optty, we will initiate the refund with the BNPL and then let you know once completed.

Does Optty charge for a click or only a successful transaction?

Optty will charge the merchants only for a successful transaction. You will not be charged by Optty for a failed transaction or for refunds.

How do I know if I am on the right Optty plan?

The Optty plans are based on the number of successful transactions processed each month. You will automatically move between plans as your transaction levels change. Your monthly invoice and billing plan will be based on the number of transactions completed within the specific calendar month.

What happens with customer data?

Optty does not retain any merchant customer data. Order data is retained in machine memory for one hour and then removed.

Do I have to set up my own agreements with BNPL providers to use Optty?

Yes.,The commercial relationship is always between the merchant and the BNPL provider. The BNPL will provide you with your credentials to integrate to their services. Optty will provide the link to the BNPL sign-up pages from within the Optty Retail Control Centre.

How do I know if I’m offering the right BNPL?

The Reporting page within the Optty Retail Control Centre allows you to monitor, in real time, the number of attempts and successful transactions by BNPL and currency. It also allows you to track BNPL performance over various time frames to ensure you are getting the best from the BNPL’s.
You can re-order how the BNPL’s are displayed on your site, and temporarily deactivate a BNPL if required, all from within the Optty Retail Control Centre. Get Started HERE

I already offer BNPL, why do I need Optty?

Multiple BNPL’s will give your customers more choice, which in turn increases basket & order size. The Optty integration platform allows you to offer multiple BNPLs with a single integration in minutes.

I already have Stripe, Ayden, Worldpay or another Payment Gateway. Why do I need Optty?

Optty is not a payment gateway provider. Optty allows you to easily integrate BNPL partners onto your site, with one quick and easy process. This gives your customers more choices at the checkout, leading to high conversions and basket value.

Do I have to break my payment gateway to get Optty?

No. Optty will work alongside your current payment gateways. Optty allows you to add Buy Now Pay Later providers alongside the standard single payment card gateways. The BNPL will take all payments and then send the settlement direct to the merchant.

Can I have my payment gateway and Optty on my checkout?

Yes. Optty will allow you to display BNPL alongside your current card payment services. This gives your customers the option to pay in full or spread the payment for their purchase.

Does Optty support Paypal and Paypal “Pay In Four” and how do I activate it?

Yes. If available in your region, simply select from the list of BNPL’s within the Optty Retail Control Centre.

How do I contact Optty technical support?

Optty provides 24/7 technical support, please reach out to our friendly support team from HERE.

How long does it take to sign a commercial agreement with a Buy Now Pay Later?

48 hours is the average time for a BNPL to approve commercial agreements, although this can vary.

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