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Do I have to set up my own agreements with payment providers to use Optty?

Yes, with Optty, your agreement with each payment method you choose to activate will remain direct. For new customers, sign-up can be found on the management page of each payment method within your version of the UPP. If you have an existing agreement with a payment method, you may use your existing API credentials to go-live via Optty.

Does Optty process refunds?
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How do I sign up to Optty?

It takes less than a minute to sign-up to Optty. Simply go to HERE and complete the simple form, and we will send you your logon credentials straight away, account signup is free.

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How do updates to the UPP work?

The Optty owned Universal Payments Platform is updated in the background using Active:Active deployments; there is no down time or installation of updates from our merchants/partners side.

How does Optty charge?

Optty charges on transaction events by a customer; successful transaction, decline, refund and timeout. Contact us for more information.

How long does it take to enable a new payment method with Optty?

Enabling a new payment method within Optty is as simple as obtaining your individual API key and secret from each of your payment methods, inputting those values into the “Add New” page of each payment method, and pressing “Test Connection” to go live.

How long does it take to integrate with Optty?
I didn’t get the funds from the payment method, who should I contact?

In the case you are not settled by a payment method, you should contact them directly. Support information for each of your active payment methods can be found on the management page of each payment method within your version of the UPP.

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What happens with settlement of the funds?

Settlement will be direct between you and the payment method.

Where can I find all of Optty’s payment methods?

You can access Optty’s full payments directory here for more information. They’re constantly being updated, so look out for more!

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Where is my customer data stored? Is it stored securely?

Optty does not retain any merchant customer data. Order data is retained in machine memory for one hour then removed.

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Who looks after any updates to the payment method’s once I am integrated with Optty?

Optty is responsible for maintaining the API connection to each individual payment method.

Why use Optty when I can integrate directly with a Payment Method?

With Optty, we take responsibility for all the technical work required to support each individual payment method. Integrating with Optty saves both time and money on extra development, allowing you to focus on your core activities knowing the tech is taken care of.

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