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Integrate Pagaleve via Optty to offer payment in installments at PIX, without interest, and without the need to use a credit card. Pagaleve aims to offer merchants a new payment method to increase their sales in a simple, uncomplicated and agile way, while also aiming to offer people the opportunity to buy what they want, without committing to the high interest rates on the card.

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Currencies: BRL

Why use Optty in combination with Pagaleve

Optty is a solution that allows you to integrate and manage all your BNPL and Next-Gen payment providers in just a few clicks.

Merchants using Optty can expect a boost in their:
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Integrate with Pagaleve via Optty and go live in just minutes.
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We support your integration through our extensions, plug-in and platform partners. Direct integration is also available.
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Never worry about maintaining your integration, Optty does the work for you.
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Future-proof your checkout with a global suite of next-gen payment methods.
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