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June 8, 2022

humm continues global expansion into e-commerce space

humm, part of ASX-listed Humm Group Limited, today announces UK and Ireland partnerships with
AeroCommerce, OneStepCheckout and Optty, following approval as an authorised provider of
consumer credit by the Financial Conduct Authority.

humm’s partnerships with three leading e-commerce, checkout and payments platforms follows the
announcement of the alternative credit provider partnering with THG earlier this year as part of a
broader e-commerce focus in the UK.

With ambitious plans to acquire merchants ahead of a full consumer launch later this year, the latest
partnerships will allow humm to be offered as a “plug and play” payment option to each platform’s
client base – giving these merchants the ability to offer more choice to consumers. The partnerships
will allow more e-commerce merchants to access humm's product and offer up to £30,000 to their
UK end-users, delivering unrivalled customer experience whilst reducing business costs.
In addition to the e-commerce partnerships, humm is building its presence in the automotive and
healthcare space, with new partnerships including The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Car Alliance
(HEVRA) and Aerona Software.

As part of humm’s ongoing commitment to customer protection and responsible lending, all
payment options require a credit check, with the first payment due in the initial month of purchase –
providing security to the retailer, whilst helping customers get into a good repayment routine,
aligned to their monthly pay cycle.

Humm UK and Ireland CEO, PJ Byrne said:

“As we continue to grow our UK presence following FCA approval, we’re thrilled to be partnering
with AeroCommerce, OneStepCheckout and Optty to maximise our merchant reach, improving
the overall checkout experience for end-consumers.
We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for split-payment solutions, embedded directly into ecommerce platforms, bringing benefits of flexible credit directly to customers. This new raft of
partnerships is the next step in our ambition to bring the credit market into the 21st Century,
offering a range of credit solutions at different stages of customers’ lives.”

About AeroCommerce

Aero Commerce is a powerful eCommerce platform designed with the evolving needs of retailers in
mind. The Aero platform gives retailers the tools needed to reach their market, drive revenue
growth, and reduce business costs - all while delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

Compared to other legacy eCommerce systems, Aero Commerce provides a variety of
customisation and flexibility opportunities, which offers retailers limitless scalability to ensure your
online store performance is never compromised.

About OneStepCheckout

One Step Checkout AS is a Norwegian company founded in Norway 2010. Its OneStepCheckout
product is a Magento extension that simplifies the checkout experience by addressing the key
reasons for cart abandonment. The product has been adopted by over 25,000 merchants across
Europe, North America, and APAC including Acer, Maxi-Cosi, Cadbury, Nestlé, Harvey Norman and
a long tail of small businesses.

About Optty

Optty is the world’s first platform to integrate leading BNPL technologies in a single place, giving
merchants the ability to offer more choice to consumers and future-proof their checkout. Optty is a
global organization that provides retailers with a direct channel to dozens of the top global BNPL
providers, offering faster connections and improved managed UX and performance like nowhere
else. Available in more than 59 countries and 36 currencies, Optty brings together the world’s BNPL
providers in one simple integration, the platform currently has 185 global integrations with 45 BNPL

About humm

• Humm Group Limited (“Humm”) is an ASX-listed alternative credit provider and trades as
humm in the UK.

• humm operates within a broader corporate group which is ultimately parented by the
Australian listed company, Humm Group Limited (“hummgroup”). hummgroup (formerly
Flexigroup Limited) is a diversified financial services group which has operations in Australia,
New Zealand and Ireland, providing both regulated and unregulated financial services and
payment products to over 2.6 million customers. humm’s related entity, Flexifi Europe Ltd
(“FEL”), which operates in Ireland, is supporting this launch.

• Patrick Joseph Byrne is the CEO of the Irish and UK businesses and has overseen the Irish
firm’s growth to become the market leader in Ireland, specialising in the responsible
provision of consumer credit.

• hummgroup (humm) is challenging the status quo in the consumer credit market by
providing flexible products, including some interest-free credit offerings, which supports
consumers throughout their financial lifetimes – from the little things all the way to the bigger
life purchases.

• humm is an innovative alternative for consumers who want access to credit, providing
greater flexibility and a broad range of products which suit every stage of a customer’s
financial journey.

• Our processes are transparent and thorough to ensure we’re lending to people who can
afford it. We are committed to running hard credit checks on every applicant, and our
business is founded on a sustainable model of lending and repayment.

• In line with humm’s commitment to responsible lending, the application process includes a
creditworthiness assessment and an affordability check.

• humm will also use industry fraud management tools to help protect itself against fraudulent

humm’s vision for the sector

• We believe the credit market needs to be brought into the 21st century, evolving to meet
consumer needs, whilst doing more to protect consumers.

• Retailers should be able to provide consumers with a range of options which meet their
needs, supporting customers to made financial decisions which suit them at that time.

• Existing lending solutions, such as credit cards and store cards, cannot be adapted to the
needs of individual retail partners, do not optimally apply latest technology to enable a
seamless, compliant and flexible customer experience, and are relatively expensive for the

• Moreover, younger people are particularly averse to the high interest rates associated with
credit card debt and are turning to more competitive, and affordable, products.

• However, the alternatives available – such as BNPL – do not go far enough in protecting
consumers from detriment.

• The sector therefore needs to provide a range of products which work for consumers at
different points in their lives, from traditional loans to short-term credit, to flexible long-term

humm responded to the Treasury’s consultation on the BNPL market, focusing on 4

1. Greater consumer protection through creditworthiness assessments;
2. Stricter rules around support for indebted consumers to ensure they get the same level of
protection that is afforded by regulated forms of credit;
3. Clarity on what BNPL products are for consumers, and enforcement where there are
4. Rules that capture new and innovative products that could cause harm, to ensure consumers
can benefit and not be subjected to further harm.

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