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Integrate Laybuy via Optty and offer your customers a simpler way to pay. Let them pay in 6 weekly, interest-free instalments whilst receiving your payment immediately. Lower price points mean shorter payment cycles and in-turn repeat customers for your brand. Laybuy increases your average order value, boosts conversion rate and grows your customer acquisition. Integration is simple and easy. Laybuy is partnered with leading ecommerce and POS platforms. API documentation is available for online and POS.

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Currencies: AUD, NZD, GBP

Why use Optty in combination with Laybuy

Optty is a solution that allows you to integrate and manage all your BNPL and Next-Gen payment providers in just a few clicks.

Merchants using Optty can expect a boost in their:
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Integrate with Laybuy via Optty and go live in just minutes.
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We support your integration through our extensions, plug-in and platform partners. Direct integration is also available.
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Never worry about maintaining your integration, Optty does the work for you.
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Future-proof your checkout with a global suite of next-gen payment methods.
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